That is just the way it is

that is just the way it goes (x4)

I’m a real hip hopper I don’t jump with my legs

I’m a choosey motha’ fucka’ ‘cause I don’t need to beg

and if you’re setting off my fuse, you’ll be hearing the bang

I’m dynamite, blowin’ up, what more can I say?

Yeah my cupboards are bare still I remain a good host

and if you bringing me bread then I be making it toast

and if we break shit up, well than we do it with dose

so just break out the trays and let’s play some uno!

My inspiration is an invitation to another time.

In your mind, you forget what you’ve forgotten.

If you see me at the bottom, then you’re right at the beginnin’

but it is a private beach. So you better get to swimmin’

and hang on to the rhythm not the money or the women

cause if you can keep on movin, then you can keep on livin’

I built up my dominion just to pick it up and drop it.

How’d I see it in myself, man, my mirror’s telescopic.

That is just the way it is

that is just the way it goes (x4)

I’m a Humanist, Mary Jane enthusiast

I’m a pirate. Show me where the booty is.

At a show, homie, show me where the lucy is

I be trippin’ face in the cities or the boonies, kid

think I am the stupidest, claims are kind of dubious.

Think I am the president while hanging in a looney bin,

No, I’m just a resident who’s cursin’ all his purpose

but he loves to spit these verses on these beats when he’s producing ‘em

Don’t hate the rich, I love it when their stocks drop,

Don’t snort blow, i’m known to snort some pop rocks

know to spit a flow, to get the party popped off,

didn’t pay my rent, ‘cause I had to pay the cops off.

Shell shocked fathers got them locking up their daughters

but how can I resist when they just keep getting hotter?

I’m breaking up the game see me saw a teeter totter

I was destined for this magic like a rapping harry potter so

I’m about to fuck shit up

I’m about to break shit down (x2)

That is just the way it is

that is just the way it goes (x4)

Giving cunnilingus then I’m stickin’ in my penis

but I always wrap it up so it ain’t stinging when I’m peeing

and I think God’s fine, yeah, I chose to be a hedonist,

seeing is believing, can’t you see that I’m achieving bliss

questioning if he exists, never really needed him,

always felt the blues in the pews that I was seated in

I eat then I sleep then I fuck then I love

the good words that I hear don’t come from above

Don’t hate Faith but I’m scared of conviction

like hot girls but don’t need to stick my dick in

wanna lose weight but I like eating chicken

tempting my fate and the clock keeps tickin

Really packing baggage this is freshly added flows with


even though the sound of it is something quite attrocious

End of xeno’s paradox, bro you can’t approach this

I’m about to fuck shit up

I’m about to break it down (x4)

Bonus Track: #Spit2getter&HMDSPCSHP

hey here's a song I put on youtube to promote the tour we're planning

1/3/18 Edit: We delayed the tour. Turns out this music thing is harder than it seems. Don't worry though. We're paying our dues in Denver for now.

the original track can be found here: "Inhalent Abuse" by Getter, Homemade Spaceship bootleg remix

lyrics + Liners:

Aww frig, better get the friggots //shout out to Noah

I heard the waters drippin and it's leaking from the spigots.

Ya better cop your tickets I'm a beat robbin' barron //latest mixtape is all dubbed over tracks

knockin' down the alphabet and startin with A Aarron. //hot fuzz

Betcha caught damn enigmatic

flow go hard it's just kenetic

lovely mystical neurosis.

out performing. Quite Roaches

set the unique vestiges.

wullums xylophone your zen.

You're xeroxing vain useless tao, //frustration at the best messages being unoriginal

some really quaint perspectives, ow now

maybe life kills jealous interests,

have good feelings evade distress

can't bear asking still want more

catch it when it goes on tour //coming to a town near you!

bitch I did it back and forth, //the alphabet! apologies for language

now you know the score,

trippy, as I ever was before, //only getting better

Spit to getter and that home made spaceship x2 //shout out to the producers

and I know you wish you had my disposition

It's mine, it's fine and frankly that's a given.


mosh pits not riots x2

just tryin to find some space to dance, people will pick you up. Try getting that from the people tear gassing ya. you know what this is? I'll tell ya...

It's the hard shit x2 //drug use is not conducive to healthy deification

screaming in the ghetto in the early morn' shit //meth destroys lives

tear you down just like you were never born shit //face your demons

on the ground cause no one taught you how to worship //Kneel to the porcelain god

you ever see that boy k-wullums on the scene

he just gon' toy with the rhythm. Gonna beat

and destroy any ploy that you give him. like Travie

McCoy but the cops didn't get him //because I graffitied the berlin wall

like how'd "you get so interesting?"

bit a flow I'm still digesting

bought a coffin didn't die yet

I'm still asking are we high yet? //shout out to Flatbush zombies

I was in demand until I got fucked by another man

and the boy was a bitch cause two minutes and he turned round came in a can. //haha

Yo, we not alone, goin' crazy like Alex Jones //a supplement salesman

flat's just a word for a home, so now you know. //we all live here

you don't know you know

thanks to shit you don't know

see the show x2

all you gotta do is see the show.



Chapter 1: Begin to "Flicker" by Kaska

This was the track that started it all. Kaska produced this while I was in Germany and gave me the idea to beat jack all the beats for this. It's been fun and challenging. So far he's the only producer that has given me the rights to use their track on this Mixtape.


Edit: Several of the artists who made the beats have now given me permission to post this as long as I'm not monatizing their songs for my own profit.

Support Kaska: https://soundcloud.com/soundgoodizer-in-use

lyrics + Liners:

Wanna do everything I can only do this. //you gotta do you

Threw my pennies to the wind so I ain't making a wish //I invested poorly in my future

and they say that I am driven and I'm clutch when I shift //manual cars are more fun

but I need to let em know when I'm making it switch //DJ'ing is hard in the beginning

as I'm seeking divinity bending prophets and ministries,

taking in what they giving me fill it up with obscenities. //Same shit different book

Give a break to the industry go from local to global,

no surprise that I'm no bull. I give em sum like a total. //the whole truth and nothing but...

I leave em dreamin' with Toto. I went from lodo to soco,

and then I rode on three 7's and now I'm payin' in euro's

and if that's life, then that's fine. //travel is fun. working abroad is a good choice

Ain't no stoppin' what I'm playin', ain't no rewind //the cd is a continuous mix

and I got another thought if you continue to feel it

without a purpose or a reason than that shit ain't appealing

and you will never find me salty you could say that I'm seasoned //been a long time

while other rappers put out, I prefer to keep teasin'. //who has time to listen to 18 tracks?

Ay yo, Kaska hit em man! //Shout out to the producer


Love me or hate me, yo, it's all gravy x3 //because my rhymes go on top of others work

share if you like this or don't //It isn't about the fame

just think about it sometimes


shout out to Kaska, Javelin, 813, VHS Logos, Opuio, Hedex, Kryphon who did "Armour", Xaebor, Big Wild.

Chapter 2: Flow to "Judgement Nite" by Javelin

I've loved this song since it came out. An old friend and I used to imagine a triumphant crab pinching in the air to the Dun Dun Dun. I don't know why anyone would care about that. Anyway, The whole point of this mixtape is showing how the things we enjoy grow alongside us. Giving people the opportunity to morph the things they love leads to unlimited possibilities. I hope I did these tracks justice. Otherwise justice may not be on my side.

support Javelin: http://dollarbinsofthefuture.com/

lyrics + Liners:

Do we all rock to this? x4 //crowds don't seem to dance as much

What? you got to get it to be getting where I get it,

If you live it how I live it, your discord will be diminished.

I augmented what I finished. I am major I'm so Bright and //haha music jokes

I'm here, Isn't that exciting? //Live music is the best

Ever since I was a little kid, literate in a little bit

of literally anything. My little hands could fiddle with

the fibbin' and the lyin' designing a paradigm in the mind

that's being blinded by buying into the giants. //TV rotted my brain

So dive into that science, preach unto the pious,

cause your third eye's your brown one, that's some shit son. //how do you know who to trust?

we talk about complexion affecting the skill to wreck it, //why do we add needless divisions?

and I reckon you should recognize we inject the connection //we all want to fit in

so fuck it I'm going off throw me shade or throw me props

give me accolades and plaques if I really need to floss, //this is how rappers act sometimes

you starin' at the boss? your staring at a kid. //this is what critics say sometimes

I know you want to say it but you should have written it //this is why I hate copyright law

but I wrote it though, figment of the over soul,

figure out the formula the baby gets the mother load. //If it works it will be amazing

Ay yo, you want a quote? Then format the float.

I only need two past any decimal. //Haha computers run finance


cause I still rock to this? do we all rock to this? x2


Welcome to this world it's time to get an occupation

and it's true I dropped my school but I still value education //that's true

I didn't make the rules, all I did was rock a body,

hey like I'm just a Coyote fucking three heads of Hecate. //they aren't in the same mythology

Can't you see me up here flying? I'm higher than I've ever been //airplanes

Never did a single thing? you'll live to see regretted. //don't be lazy

It's the oldest state of mind and it's neatly wrapped in cleverness.

I know you'll soon forget it but I'm saying please remember this //it's mere-exposure


cause I still rock to this, do we all rock to this?


What you want to be is not exactly who you are

Everything around you was created in the stars //because your ideas came from media

I had to grow my hair so you don't think I'm Macklemore //he has short hair as of this writing

but you know I'm getting thrifty so I really can't be sore. //fake fur is fun

like the sicker the track, quicker the stack

bigger the pile, thicker the rack, //business choices produce results

this is the jam. This is a scrap //but what if you don't want those results?

locked in a book, struck in a crack

pushed down in the basement.

Could you come back to me clarify that statement? //I could but I won't

seems I need to preform some maintenance. //Working Joe jobs

Gears are slippin' out of place and I can't seem to stop this whining. //It seems fruitless

All these people grinding. Clock is winding //people keep having babies

up and any moment getting down is on the table //and sex sure is fun

in the evening find a lantern its the key to any fable like //typical light in the darkness imagery

get silly we all lay back ad we bump K-Willy x8ish

Chapter 3: Walk To Walking by 813

This beat is simply fantastic. Recording this song was a blast. The start of this song was one of my least fluid instagram raps. The second verse is one of my favorite instagram raps. In the middle is some some real shit. I hope you have at least as much fun listening to this as I did making it.

support 813: https://soundcloud.com/813

lyrics + liners:

It's that boy K-Wullums and he

start from the beginning then I take it to the finish line

after that parallels rollin' up the dollar signs //it's a classic rags to riches story!

tellin' you to stop before you reach that intersection,

the road that leads to ruin or the road that leads to heaven. //how do you handle wealth?

Maybe heaven's just another kind of freedom in a state of mind

givin' you the peace and release and the ease //hakuna matata

of the time thats always rushing by, day to day gettin by

by methods you selected till you reach that final exit //everything dies

like take me, I went from two chicks to pin pricks

I can't sell my platelets because I always take risks //america is homophobic

doing some gay shit some dumb shit or travelin'

life's a ball of yarn and it keeps unravelin'

but I put it back together in a hat or robe or sweater, //because of the crocheting

seems like life is getting better when I step out in the weather.

Sun is shining on my face, I'm just so ecstatic.

Never be the boy they talk about and say he couldn't hack it. //that's a heavy boast



And it's like this, and then it's lie that,

maybe I might hustle but I don't need to scrap,

just walkin' down the street on a beautiful day

in May or June or any other time.

And it's like this and then it's like that,

we get it where we got it like we're bringing it back

Just walking down the street on a beautiful day

in May or June or anything other time


what does a squirrel mean when he says "those are my nuts?"


I'm pimpin' poetry, unleashing the flow in me

put it on a cell, but it's older than the rotary, //self expression isn't new

doing what it's got to be, to the monotony,

way I water seeds that grow: socio-botany, //get involved

Ought to be earnin', ought to be workin,

audibly moanin' when I'm jerkin my gurken.

Break out the Jergen's, break out the lotion.

Ocean Potion when I'm over exposed

and seeing red skin, I'm seeing that cancer, //I get a lot of sunburns

We ain't human yes we are dancer,

tell that to the killa's tell that to the flowers, //because that's the lead singers name!

today's mistakes are tomorrow's cold showers,

ya sh-sh-sh-shiverin', teeth ch-ch-ch-ch-chatterin'

I'll step into the cage but please don't send the batter in. //no fightin'

Ram it is my Zodiac, Ram is what I do to you, //wink

I ain't crashin', I'm just rollin' through. //One time I crashed three cars ghost riding the whip



Chapter 4: Change to "Dreams" and "Acapulco" by VHS Logos

This track is just a fun one. VHS Logos is the only Vaporwave group I've actually downloaded. Most of the time I just put on playlists. It makes for great beats. I used to skate around Innsbruck listening to this album. I hope VHS Logos likes this.

11/12/17 Update: Those bad ass Brazilians asked me to send them the lyrics! I'm overjoyed!

support VHS Logos: https://vhslogos.bandcamp.com/releases

Lyrics + Liners:

Yo, This how it goes to VHS Logos, //shout out to the producers

It's ya boy K-Wullums, For those who don't know we always quill em

cause yo I ain't a rapper I'm a fresh MC.

Got words in my mouth ceremoniously //this is a common thing to rap about

and I got the Sarah Bellum like the PPG //sugar spice and everything nice

yeah I'm fuzzy not a lumpkin and my gangs not green //these were the chosen ingredients

ugh, sanctimonious ownin' this podium.

If ya feel the hypertension, eat less sodium //high blood pressure is the silent killer

you can keep your lithium, won't cure my insanity, //or would it?

I'm sparkin' up that hydrogen. Oh the humanity, //sometimes you feel like the Hindenburg

I'm noble like Xenon, trashy like Zima. //Xenon used to be an animator I followed. shout out

Slammin' Every summer just like John Cena //need I say more?

I'm the undertaker, Hater's are potatoes. //it's a dirty job

Told me I was spastic and I couldn't stop laughin

She told me to pull out when I did, [she] put it back in. 

Know I hit the back end like some hit the back nine

get a hole in one and then I give that ass a high five //if she's into that

ha, It's the fuckin aftermath,

I swirl around conjunctions like a mother fuckin' ampersand //finger tracing is great

swipin' like master hand, smashin' the tinder game //found a co-worker, deleted the app

warp reality just like the pathway of a boomerang. //time is a flat circle

Ninja star, hatchet toss, I got all that. //throwing sharp things is fun

Chop wood, slice guts, watch that comeback //see what I did there?



Anybody can change. it's a brand new day

go out if the sun is still shining.

It's time to go and get out

and scream and shout just wait and see. //what is happening to or country?

Anybody can change. it's a brand new day

go out and you better start helping,

cause it's all going to shit, but we can turn it around

if you just-


Who would've thought this chubby kid'd //strange contraction eh?

eat mushrooms then get big //like Mario

split them lines to flip your lid

just different coins with different bricks //another Mario reference. you'll notice a theme

yeah I'm ballin' out, so let's go another round, //Mario... party?

fill my cup, pack my bowl,

full of ice that's how I roll, //I am pretty much constantly eating ice cubes

chomp, going off the chain, //like if you were to imagine a chain chomp eating ice

in them fuckin' dungeons mang, //because I worked in a laundry room

yeah you know I'll grab the coin //I make a little money

but that don't mean I'll make a change. //and spend it on partying

Wastin' extra lives, going down another pipe, //smokin' weed

find my princess find my peach, //and dating

check my Acapulco dreams //shout out to the song titles

Chapter 5: Moving on to "Aftergold" by Big Wild

This is a song about a friend from back in the day. I hope you enjoy it.

10/9/17 Update: I tried posting this to soundcloud and it got flagged for copyright infringement. I put in a request to the Foriegn Family Collective to get a license. Who knows? They might even want to remaster it.

11/12/17 Update: I got an email saying I could post this and perform it as an unofficial remix. This is incredible.

support Big Wild: http://www.bigwildmusic.com/

Lyrics + Liners:

Tingle in my spine when your eyes met mine

you, a single so fine. Thought maybe this time

with your long red hair and a crocodile smile.

Never thought that I'd be this big, this wild //shout out to the producer

and I wasn't stressed out i was puffin' the herb

I was doing back flips. I was chillin' on curbs. //working on trampolines

Just controllin' my nerves. Kept it all in my head

but I let it all go the first time that you said that.


All we need is some good friends till the night ends

All we need is good good times and some good vibes

All we need is a little bit of peace is a little release.


Laid back, coppin' a sack

hit that. Let me just pack.

Light up, that's the right stuff.

You done? Called that bluff

I massage ya in the hot tub, cuddle in a threesome //cuddle puddle really

heard you had tabs and you know your giving me one

chillin' in the seat cause I can't be drivin'. //don't drive on drugs

Just driving, look at you smiling.

Single in my spine as we blaze through towns

Only 7 degrees with the window down. //because it was winter

Only 7's for me. I'm rolling them dice

and it ain't an arcade but I found me a prize

she's sweet she's cute, with a beautiful face.

what she's done it the past is already erased

cause we here in the now in each others embrace

so glad I'm with you on this rock out in space like


all we need is some good friends till the night ends

all we need is some good times and some good vibes

all we need is a little bit of piece and a little release


Know car crashin' wasn't your passion

blow weed acid, better stop askin'

no tears, none that I saw,

but you put this whole town in a state of withdraw,

can I call? can I call? cause I need you right now,

you put the flame to the wax then you put the light out

and I missed your fire but you still inspire

why'd you have to fall asleep? situation so dire.


I miss you. And I know I didn't know you the longest and our time together was short, but I still remember teaching you poi. That was 6-7 years ago. and that's crazy to me. why do i still think about you


There's a tingle in my spine as I stand on top

Hear your voice say go as I'm seeing Red Rocks //April 1st 2020

and I'm rushin' the crowd I'm tryin' to find you friend

but I'm all alone I'll never see you again.

Yo, you were never shallow now you're six feet deep,

I know what happened to you, could always happen to me,

Mac your life was so short but it was something to see.

Glad the I was a part cause that's all the I need like


All we need is some good friends, till the night ends.

All we need is some good times and some good vibes.

All we need is a little bit of piece just feel that release.



Chapter 6: Respect to "Patchouli Dump Truck" by Opiuo

This song was a lot of fun to record. Opiuo came out with this song almost 10 years ago. That's crazy to me. If your reading this Opiuo, this gets the crowd hyped. I don't use the backing vocals when I perform it. I'd like to get you paid for this so please have your people contact me at kylewilliams5564@gmail.com.

Support Opiuo: https://opiuo.com/



Get a cross? Well you make it a cross.

And how you make it a cross? well you take yourself out of it. //get it?

I don't slay dragons, nah I lay with dragons //because I give into vices

and I help a lotta ghosts but hey I ain't braggin'. //

Yo, I was a road runner I was sayin' "meep"

But a wiley coyote was followin' me

but I defy the laws of gravity

learn to make a little tunnel of the make believe

So if you want to be free don't start following me

cause my rhymes will hypnotize while you be watching tv

and if I'm a deadly one well I guess I'll be greed

had a lustful affair with some vanity.

So i'm envious, horrendous, and my spending is stupendous,

I don't marry for the riches cause I could've had a dentist.

On a mission to replenish and amend a proper sentence

like a penance what I'm payin', so I be sayin'



One For the homies, two for the show,

three to get ready, four let's go x2

huh, you like that brlrlratt

yeah, I like that brldlraatt


verse 2:

People like to hate if you put god in a cat

like the bastards never heard of Bastet so check facts

and I ain't a black beetle and I ain't made of ants

but if I get in your pants I'll be making ya dance

cause I'm better than a simian, ride me like a sybian

dividends hoverin' across the prime meridian

ha! riddilin' and I ain't talking medicine.

What's the only bone that you can't put in a skeleton

yeah! that a vitamin gettin' them excited

with the pedal to the metal every time their green lighting it

pillow yeah they biting it, tighten just a little bit

once I start dippin' the tip, they start giggling

now we got the musk of the beast with two backs

so let's cook up some food and hop back in the sack,

maybe cook up some food or maybe listen to chance

or Isiah Rashad or some Kendrick. Damn




verse 3:

Walking tree from the lord of the rings

with a bell shaped fruit, It's apparent

my mom's so carin' cause she's just Karen

and I'm stackin' carrots like those hikers stack cairns

cause I'm so darin' in my apparral

 fuckin' up my Christmas I'm a write a carol.

Just ask my Aunt Carol and ask my Aunt Di

they knew a small fry whose was always down on life

and I'm still actin nice, and I'm still eating ice,

they say that I am accurate but i ain't too precise.

Cause that's just how I am. And that's just how I roll

I'm gonna pack a bowl and I'm gonna get stoned, yo

seems everything around is just takin' from another

and they're taking from my sisters and they're taking from my brothers

and it's time to take a stand, I'll do it to death,

I'm talking dead precedence no cash misled.



Chapter 7: Rave to "Orange" by Hedex

When I found this beat it was free to listen on Soundcloud. Now you can only listen with Soundcloud pro or go or whatever they call it. As of the posting of this blog I have no money and my bank account is overdrawn. I'll buy the song Friday when I get paid. This is a song about me being a shitty person when I hang out with the Drummer from Champers.



Cute Girl, Fly to the Bar

Give her a wink, give her a card.

“Hey there, ya wanna drink”

Now she’s drinking gin with me.

Douchbag, I think he wants to fight.

Does he want to fight? Well Alright, not alright.

Cute girl, dancing with the douchebag.

“I think I’m gonna take this dude’s girl.” “yeah man.”

(who does he think he is)

Grindin’, up on the cute girl.

up walks the douchebag and he’s got two beers.

Take them. Take the girl and run away

front row, chillin’, and live to fight another day


FUCK! Is that a parking ticket?!

Man I didn’t see the sign saying that there was a limit.

Oh wait. I’m parked around the block

and I’m getting kinda frisky with your hands around my cock.

hey look! Is that burritos on the street?

let’s stop to the side and just grab a bite to eat

(Ahh this is delicious)

Cute girl, riding on my dick

In walks the douchebag and he’s looking pissed

now I’m naked, running down the stairs

but I got my keys and vape so you know I don’t care


Support Hedex: https://soundcloud.com/hedexuk

Chapter 8: Rage to "Foul" by Xaebor

Dear you, reading this,

This is one of the tracks where I took a bunch of rhymes that I spat over Instagram and slammed it into a song. I don't know how to contact Xaebor but I'll be damned if this couldn't be a banger. I had a lot of fun with the add libs on this. Also! this is the first song where I experiemented with preverb. I think it makes a really cool effect. I have a lot of trouble finding people to show this to because it seems as if angry rap is kind of going by the wayside. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite songs to rap. I can really get into it and I think the lines work really well with the beat. All the vocals were written and produced by me. If anyone wants to help master it better please send me an email at kylewilliams5564@gmail.com. Also Xaebor, if your reading this, can I release this? I'm titling all these songs with the names of the beat used. The hope is to release them all as a continuos mix on Soundcloud when it's finished. Also, I just ripped this from Soundcloud so a higher quality version of the beat would be much appriciated.

support xaebor: https://soundcloud.com/xaebor


Wanna go maniac mode?

Overload and see that soul leap outta ya chest?

When it gets too cold, heart goes black like toes.

And ya could’ve been the best but then you froze,

betcha gonna blame it on that snow

better prepare for the weather

The clever get better and handle the price of control

And a buck got eyes for the doe,

but the dough don’t come with a buck,

so if you’re gonna get a buck well ya better get fed.

Cause? It ain’t no game it’s a hunt end.

I never had to run from a barrel of a gun

but that’s what I did when I faced it

Because the seat belts *click* but gun go *clap*

and you don’t get a standing ovation.

Must be patient with persistence it’s the purist’s path to poetry

prophet pied the piper and I’ll pave the path they’re showing me

and calling it idolatry would barely scratch the surface

but I bet when you see them kids in the streets

them suits are gonna get nervous

Fire up the next gen engine flexin

little bit of know and a little bit of how

and if you can’t relate to the things you can’t see

then die by your golden cow

because I’m energy converted

I’m massive and assertive

and if you come up talking that wack shit?

well we heard it.

You want your words spoken,

you want your face chosen,

I’m golden, I’m frozen,

I levitate, no rollin.

Multifaceted, being blasphemous, actin bashful is just the fashion

it’s unexplainable, unrelatable, unobtainable? That’s debatable.

Where’s the pot that you piss in?

Who you think’s gon’ miss this?

With Math and Punk, Fuckin Up

I’m Erdos, and Sid Vicious.

Uh, Roll back the Tape, Chugging a 1/5 while I’m smoking an 1/8

mmm, Sick with the gift, Numero Uno but call me the shit

cause it’s apocalyptic, so bring the cataclysm,

and if ya dying of thirst well just hydrate on my jizzum

cause this system is a prison and this rhythm is your prism

If your asking why, well Jeez, us man, it’s just cause cries have risen

like BWAH

y’all don’t know what I’m on (ad nausium)

Finding the line in the sand

where supply and demand are just parts of the plans that we had

run with our hands, sift with our thoughts,

star to cross in the catholic plots

never seen bricks that you flip in a flop

but I’m pitching the brick that is cleaning your clock

fiending for rock? let’s give em crystals.

Fiending for shock? Let’s give em Missles.

Wanna be filthy? You suck like a Bissel.

Fillet Mingon to the grissel.

yo, I’m packed in the pistol.

Cash? I gotta fistful.

Talk of the town when I speak and I get down ‘cause I bury the weak

and they want a messiah to preach to the choir, he gonna go talk to his peeps.

and the prodigical son is back, Eve ain’t really white or black.

And we ain’t really African, Asian, American. Ain’t really woman or man.

And they constantly fixin the plan, doing the things that we can’t comprehend

and we think that the musical muse is amusing when telling us go feed our head.

Ask Alice or the cat, the rabbit or the hatter,

your house is made of glass. Throw a brick and it will shatter

It’s a castle in the sky so your falling through the clouds.

I hope you hit the 9th before you make it to the ground

that’s why mister K-Wullums is bringing the thunder

to give you a glimpse of the rainbow.

my energy drink might be giving me wings,

where am I getting my halo?

A bungie for my car and a crutch at the end of my spliff,

and a vioce in my head, telling me that i’m dead

and that none of this really exists

that’s why I’m pissed, That’s why I’m focused

Making the cells swarm in like locusts.

Bringing the plagues without a care

screaming, “enjoy your night mares!”

and I just drop it, avenge anything that’s toxic

with the people rising up, but they can’t ever fucking stop it

like BWAH

y’all don’t know what I’m on (ad Nausium)

Chapter 9: Loss to "Amour" by Kryphon

Dear you, reading this,

This is the last song that's going to be on the mixtape. My brother showed me this beat on soundcloud and it reminded me of the girl I fell in love with in Germany. I don't know why I didn't ask Kryphon whether they are cool with this or not. That's the strange thing about the world today. I have no information about this producer. However, after I added this track to my "songs to get rights to" playlist on soundcloud, Kryphon messaged me thanking me for liking the track. Kryphon if you're reading this and you're cool with me releasing this, please send me a message at kylewilliams5564@gmail.com. All the vocals were written and produced by me. I think it would be really dope if we could get Jhameel to sing on the hook but how are we gonna make that happen?

10/20/17 Update: Kryphon said it was cool to use this and there's a music video out for it now

Please support Kryphon. https://soundcloud.com/kryphon


You pulled me down when I was jamming on stage,

way back before we dated and we went out for crepes

and that was so exciting we got thrown on the streets

and macked next to the girl I had the previous week.

We came together, staying warm in the cold

that afternoon delight it had me feeling so bold.

I knew it wasn’t right after you home

to make out with someone else and get another to bone

you were the chillest when I spilled it.

I took you to the tower.

We set alight the fireworks, our love supplied the power

We were debuting like Wu-Tang but not chambers it was hours

till we trashed the hotel room and then we had to take a shower

and we always got that, yeah we always got that,

It keeps bringing me back, Keeps Bringing me back. (x2)

A la la lion but I wasn’t jokin,

I always found a place where I could plug my smoke in

Just making lemonade with the chain unbroken

Your flower to my heart so my heart stayed open

what a trip! seeing you in the station

right on 14/2 as they write in that nation

in the back alleyways just suckin some face and

just laughing and eating with a bunch of croatians

and we shake! when we’re close to the source,

and we see past the illusion when we follow our hearts,

I never treated you right, yo it was clear at the start

but I was only on fire because you gave me the spark. bu

and we always got that, yeah we always got that,

It keeps bringing me back, Keeps Bringing me back. (x2)