homemade spacship

Bonus Track: #Spit2getter&HMDSPCSHP

hey here's a song I put on youtube to promote the tour we're planning

1/3/18 Edit: We delayed the tour. Turns out this music thing is harder than it seems. Don't worry though. We're paying our dues in Denver for now.

the original track can be found here: "Inhalent Abuse" by Getter, Homemade Spaceship bootleg remix

lyrics + Liners:

Aww frig, better get the friggots //shout out to Noah

I heard the waters drippin and it's leaking from the spigots.

Ya better cop your tickets I'm a beat robbin' barron //latest mixtape is all dubbed over tracks

knockin' down the alphabet and startin with A Aarron. //hot fuzz

Betcha caught damn enigmatic

flow go hard it's just kenetic

lovely mystical neurosis.

out performing. Quite Roaches

set the unique vestiges.

wullums xylophone your zen.

You're xeroxing vain useless tao, //frustration at the best messages being unoriginal

some really quaint perspectives, ow now

maybe life kills jealous interests,

have good feelings evade distress

can't bear asking still want more

catch it when it goes on tour //coming to a town near you!

bitch I did it back and forth, //the alphabet! apologies for language

now you know the score,

trippy, as I ever was before, //only getting better

Spit to getter and that home made spaceship x2 //shout out to the producers

and I know you wish you had my disposition

It's mine, it's fine and frankly that's a given.


mosh pits not riots x2

just tryin to find some space to dance, people will pick you up. Try getting that from the people tear gassing ya. you know what this is? I'll tell ya...

It's the hard shit x2 //drug use is not conducive to healthy deification

screaming in the ghetto in the early morn' shit //meth destroys lives

tear you down just like you were never born shit //face your demons

on the ground cause no one taught you how to worship //Kneel to the porcelain god

you ever see that boy k-wullums on the scene

he just gon' toy with the rhythm. Gonna beat

and destroy any ploy that you give him. like Travie

McCoy but the cops didn't get him //because I graffitied the berlin wall

like how'd "you get so interesting?"

bit a flow I'm still digesting

bought a coffin didn't die yet

I'm still asking are we high yet? //shout out to Flatbush zombies

I was in demand until I got fucked by another man

and the boy was a bitch cause two minutes and he turned round came in a can. //haha

Yo, we not alone, goin' crazy like Alex Jones //a supplement salesman

flat's just a word for a home, so now you know. //we all live here

you don't know you know

thanks to shit you don't know

see the show x2

all you gotta do is see the show.