Clarivacation Episode 4: #GreenBayIsBae; Montrefal

This week Luke and Kyle discuss their week in Green Bay. Luke stays true to his cheese head ways and in doing so, has an encounter with a ghost. Kyle sight sees before being smuggled into Canada.

This week in the discord we’re talking about the most attractive monsters, so all you Kyle’s Mom’s out there feel free to join


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S2E08: Joe Taylor is Back and Hyped

This Week They Wullums are back with Joe Taylor and their new format. We talk about silly putty, personal space, zombie spiders, and our upcoming shows.

Songs Heard are:

“Ye Ultimate Intro” by Q-bitz

“High socks” by Tincup

“Skanker” by Rusko

“Bubblegum” by Ganja White Knight

“Swagga (Downlink remix)” by Excision and Datsik

“District Line” by Rusko

“Que Sera” by Wax Tailor

“Adriatic Summer Nights” by Grammatik

“Insane” by Flume Ft. Moon Holiday

“Blue” Calvin Harris

“Latch” by Disclosure

“Kernkraft 400” by Zombienation

“The Summit“ by Skrillex

“Fortaque” by Just a Gent

S2E07: Alex and Sadie Are Taking It to The Streets

This week The Wullums are back and talking to our good friends Alex and Sadie about their ultimate party. We discuss the benefits of gardening, the company of strangers, and our place in the universe.

Our Intro music was created by our good friend Q-bitz.

We played out on “Number One” and “Galaxy of the Lost” by Lightspeed Champion.

S2E05: Kubitz Won't Invite Us

This week The Wullums are back and we're talking to our good friend Kubitz aka Q-bitz about his ultimate party. We discuss maritime law, words that start with K, defense mechanisms, and more! Q-bitz even made us our very own intro!!!

Find Q-bitz at:
The song we rode out of was "Fa-Fa-Fa" by Datarock

find them on all platforms but mainly

S2E04: Dan Schwartz We Hardly Knew You

This week we're grieving the lost of a dear friend. We'll be back with more awesome party ideas next week but for now we're going to allow ourselves some space to mourn and heal.


The song used for this episode is "Suffocation Keep" by The Slip

S2E03: Chil's Week of Beach

This week the Wullums return to talk to our Guest Chil' about his ultimate party! We Discuss Festivals, different crowds to have at your party, food trucks and more!!

Find chill at:

instagram: @chil_season



Our intro and outro music is "It's Time to Party" by Andrew W.K.


Side note: We had a little difficulty with the audio for the first 5 or 6 minutes but it gets better