S2E08: Joe Taylor is Back and Hyped

This Week They Wullums are back with Joe Taylor and their new format. We talk about silly putty, personal space, zombie spiders, and our upcoming shows.

Songs Heard are:

“Ye Ultimate Intro” by Q-bitz

“High socks” by Tincup

“Skanker” by Rusko

“Bubblegum” by Ganja White Knight

“Swagga (Downlink remix)” by Excision and Datsik

“District Line” by Rusko

“Que Sera” by Wax Tailor

“Adriatic Summer Nights” by Grammatik

“Insane” by Flume Ft. Moon Holiday

“Blue” Calvin Harris

“Latch” by Disclosure

“Kernkraft 400” by Zombienation

“The Summit“ by Skrillex

“Fortaque” by Just a Gent

S2E05: Kubitz Won't Invite Us

This week The Wullums are back and we're talking to our good friend Kubitz aka Q-bitz about his ultimate party. We discuss maritime law, words that start with K, defense mechanisms, and more! Q-bitz even made us our very own intro!!!

Find Q-bitz at:
The song we rode out of was "Fa-Fa-Fa" by Datarock

find them on all platforms but mainly

S2E03: Chil's Week of Beach

This week the Wullums return to talk to our Guest Chil' about his ultimate party! We Discuss Festivals, different crowds to have at your party, food trucks and more!!

Find chill at:

instagram: @chil_season



Our intro and outro music is "It's Time to Party" by Andrew W.K.


Side note: We had a little difficulty with the audio for the first 5 or 6 minutes but it gets better

Episode 19: Wullums Live at the Corner Beet Part 2

This week the Wullums are bring it to you live from the Corner Beet Bringing you our fun filled raps to beats we enjoy!

Songs Used are:

"Armour" by Kryphon

"Doin It" by Grammatik

"Mr. B" by Griz

"Foul" by Xaebor

"Love Souvenir" by Calvin Harris

"Mbira beat" by Goldfish

"Bamboo" by Cozway

"Aftergold" by Big Wild

"Walking" by 813

"Dreams" and "Acapulco" by VHS Logos

"Split the Atom" by Noisia

"Lost" by T&III

Episode 16: Susanna Mathew

This week the Wullums are back with our first phone interview!! We Talk to Susanna Mathew about her ultimate wedding party! In the mean time we discuss helping out communities, finding your purpose in life and the Lord's love. Come join us for an episode where everyone's welcome!

Check out the ministry Susanna is involved in at


Episode 15: Steve Scott and Madi Mclure

The Wullums talk to long time friends Steve Scott and Madi Mclure. We Discuss our favorite times at Red Rocks and what we hope to accomplish there April 1st, 2020. We Also discuss Cocaine, Strippers, Mardi Gras, nicknames, hiking, poppers, and blood rituals. At some point we try and determine the difference between a performance and an exhibition.

All the information about April Fools day was taken from the ethnically ambiguous podcast. It's great and probably a lot more educational than this one. check it out at

also Information regarding Paul Pioret was taken from Dressed: The history of fashion. Check it out at

Find Madi on instagram @_Paint_the_earth_

Also please come to our live show on May 18th 2018 at the Corner beet at 1401 N ogden. We Start the live podcast taping at 6:30 in the afternoon.

You can email us or call

(424) 242-3817

Also someone find Steve at red Rocks.


Episode 11: D-Nunes

This Week the Wullums talk with our old drummer friend, Dominic. We go more in depth with what makes a great party and how a party is different than a show.

Youtube videos we referenced are:
gucci gang in alphabetical order

gucci gang after 500 translations

youtube haiku

pork chop sandwiches

hey ya sped up every uh and alright



Episode 8: Live at The Corner Beet

This week The Wullums bring it to you live at The Corner Beet Cafe on 14th and Ogden in Denver. We talk to the crowd about road trips, technical difficulties, and more. Also a surprise guest drops by. If you would like to be on Ye Ultimate Party Email us at or or give us a call at (424) 242-3817

As promised here is the link to the Djembe video:

Episode 3: This Isn't Science Friday

We're going to try consistently releasing on Thursdays now. In this episode the Wullums boys are talking about parties in general to give you a basis for this Podcast. We introduce some new slang, discuss riot tactics, get too deep, and stick to our stories. Won't you cheekies join us episode 3 of Ye Ultimate party.


If you were looking for Science Friday, click this sentence.