S2E05: Kubitz Won't Invite Us

This week The Wullums are back and we're talking to our good friend Kubitz aka Q-bitz about his ultimate party. We discuss maritime law, words that start with K, defense mechanisms, and more! Q-bitz even made us our very own intro!!!

Find Q-bitz at:
The song we rode out of was "Fa-Fa-Fa" by Datarock

find them on all platforms but mainly https://www.datarockmusic.com/

Episode 16: Susanna Mathew

This week the Wullums are back with our first phone interview!! We Talk to Susanna Mathew about her ultimate wedding party! In the mean time we discuss helping out communities, finding your purpose in life and the Lord's love. Come join us for an episode where everyone's welcome!

Check out the ministry Susanna is involved in at http://www.cltdc.org


Episode 8: Live at The Corner Beet

This week The Wullums bring it to you live at The Corner Beet Cafe on 14th and Ogden in Denver. We talk to the crowd about road trips, technical difficulties, and more. Also a surprise guest drops by. If you would like to be on Ye Ultimate Party Email us at k@wullums.com or a@wullums.com or give us a call at (424) 242-3817

As promised here is the link to the Djembe video: