Chapter 6: Respect to "Patchouli Dump Truck" by Opiuo

This song was a lot of fun to record. Opiuo came out with this song almost 10 years ago. That's crazy to me. If your reading this Opiuo, this gets the crowd hyped. I don't use the backing vocals when I perform it. I'd like to get you paid for this so please have your people contact me at

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Get a cross? Well you make it a cross.

And how you make it a cross? well you take yourself out of it. //get it?

I don't slay dragons, nah I lay with dragons //because I give into vices

and I help a lotta ghosts but hey I ain't braggin'. //

Yo, I was a road runner I was sayin' "meep"

But a wiley coyote was followin' me

but I defy the laws of gravity

learn to make a little tunnel of the make believe

So if you want to be free don't start following me

cause my rhymes will hypnotize while you be watching tv

and if I'm a deadly one well I guess I'll be greed

had a lustful affair with some vanity.

So i'm envious, horrendous, and my spending is stupendous,

I don't marry for the riches cause I could've had a dentist.

On a mission to replenish and amend a proper sentence

like a penance what I'm payin', so I be sayin'



One For the homies, two for the show,

three to get ready, four let's go x2

huh, you like that brlrlratt

yeah, I like that brldlraatt


verse 2:

People like to hate if you put god in a cat

like the bastards never heard of Bastet so check facts

and I ain't a black beetle and I ain't made of ants

but if I get in your pants I'll be making ya dance

cause I'm better than a simian, ride me like a sybian

dividends hoverin' across the prime meridian

ha! riddilin' and I ain't talking medicine.

What's the only bone that you can't put in a skeleton

yeah! that a vitamin gettin' them excited

with the pedal to the metal every time their green lighting it

pillow yeah they biting it, tighten just a little bit

once I start dippin' the tip, they start giggling

now we got the musk of the beast with two backs

so let's cook up some food and hop back in the sack,

maybe cook up some food or maybe listen to chance

or Isiah Rashad or some Kendrick. Damn




verse 3:

Walking tree from the lord of the rings

with a bell shaped fruit, It's apparent

my mom's so carin' cause she's just Karen

and I'm stackin' carrots like those hikers stack cairns

cause I'm so darin' in my apparral

 fuckin' up my Christmas I'm a write a carol.

Just ask my Aunt Carol and ask my Aunt Di

they knew a small fry whose was always down on life

and I'm still actin nice, and I'm still eating ice,

they say that I am accurate but i ain't too precise.

Cause that's just how I am. And that's just how I roll

I'm gonna pack a bowl and I'm gonna get stoned, yo

seems everything around is just takin' from another

and they're taking from my sisters and they're taking from my brothers

and it's time to take a stand, I'll do it to death,

I'm talking dead precedence no cash misled.