Dan Thiry

Dan Thiry Is the Creator of the Wullums logo. The first time Danny and I met, I was sitting by myself on the play ground in 2nd grade and he came up to me and asked “Whatchu doing?” to which I replied “Nothing.” At which point he inquisited “Wanna play?” Since then, we’ve always friends in some capacity. Before he moved to Los Angeles, he did the VFX for our shows.


Stone Fever Jewelry

Ever since we were kids, A-Wullums and I have been going to the Renaissance fair. Graham and Sally, watched us grow up (and even taught us how to wire wrap once). They are brilliant at their craft and travel less so you’re now privy to high quality jewelry that you won’t be able to find in stores. I also have to give them mad shout outs for being the most dedicated fans of Morning Keelay.


David Diamondheart

Dave saved my ass in Tucson and makes 3D printed sacred geometric figures. He was merkaba light activated one day which sent him on his journey of healing through creation. I’ve gotten along with everyone I’ve seen who carries his art with them.


Kill Tha Scene

Kill Tha Scene throws hip hop showcases in Denver. They feature, headliners, contests with cash prizes, and local favorites. The founder, Awkard Cliff, has spent years canvasing for causes. He’s always on his grind simultaneously making a difference and great music. If you are trying to make hip hop in Denver, I recommend getting in touch.