Chapter 3: Walk To Walking by 813

This beat is simply fantastic. Recording this song was a blast. The start of this song was one of my least fluid instagram raps. The second verse is one of my favorite instagram raps. In the middle is some some real shit. I hope you have at least as much fun listening to this as I did making it.

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lyrics + liners:

It's that boy K-Wullums and he

start from the beginning then I take it to the finish line

after that parallels rollin' up the dollar signs //it's a classic rags to riches story!

tellin' you to stop before you reach that intersection,

the road that leads to ruin or the road that leads to heaven. //how do you handle wealth?

Maybe heaven's just another kind of freedom in a state of mind

givin' you the peace and release and the ease //hakuna matata

of the time thats always rushing by, day to day gettin by

by methods you selected till you reach that final exit //everything dies

like take me, I went from two chicks to pin pricks

I can't sell my platelets because I always take risks //america is homophobic

doing some gay shit some dumb shit or travelin'

life's a ball of yarn and it keeps unravelin'

but I put it back together in a hat or robe or sweater, //because of the crocheting

seems like life is getting better when I step out in the weather.

Sun is shining on my face, I'm just so ecstatic.

Never be the boy they talk about and say he couldn't hack it. //that's a heavy boast



And it's like this, and then it's lie that,

maybe I might hustle but I don't need to scrap,

just walkin' down the street on a beautiful day

in May or June or any other time.

And it's like this and then it's like that,

we get it where we got it like we're bringing it back

Just walking down the street on a beautiful day

in May or June or anything other time


what does a squirrel mean when he says "those are my nuts?"


I'm pimpin' poetry, unleashing the flow in me

put it on a cell, but it's older than the rotary, //self expression isn't new

doing what it's got to be, to the monotony,

way I water seeds that grow: socio-botany, //get involved

Ought to be earnin', ought to be workin,

audibly moanin' when I'm jerkin my gurken.

Break out the Jergen's, break out the lotion.

Ocean Potion when I'm over exposed

and seeing red skin, I'm seeing that cancer, //I get a lot of sunburns

We ain't human yes we are dancer,

tell that to the killa's tell that to the flowers, //because that's the lead singers name!

today's mistakes are tomorrow's cold showers,

ya sh-sh-sh-shiverin', teeth ch-ch-ch-ch-chatterin'

I'll step into the cage but please don't send the batter in. //no fightin'

Ram it is my Zodiac, Ram is what I do to you, //wink

I ain't crashin', I'm just rollin' through. //One time I crashed three cars ghost riding the whip