Chapter 2: Flow to "Judgement Nite" by Javelin

I've loved this song since it came out. An old friend and I used to imagine a triumphant crab pinching in the air to the Dun Dun Dun. I don't know why anyone would care about that. Anyway, The whole point of this mixtape is showing how the things we enjoy grow alongside us. Giving people the opportunity to morph the things they love leads to unlimited possibilities. I hope I did these tracks justice. Otherwise justice may not be on my side.

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lyrics + Liners:

Do we all rock to this? x4 //crowds don't seem to dance as much

What? you got to get it to be getting where I get it,

If you live it how I live it, your discord will be diminished.

I augmented what I finished. I am major I'm so Bright and //haha music jokes

I'm here, Isn't that exciting? //Live music is the best

Ever since I was a little kid, literate in a little bit

of literally anything. My little hands could fiddle with

the fibbin' and the lyin' designing a paradigm in the mind

that's being blinded by buying into the giants. //TV rotted my brain

So dive into that science, preach unto the pious,

cause your third eye's your brown one, that's some shit son. //how do you know who to trust?

we talk about complexion affecting the skill to wreck it, //why do we add needless divisions?

and I reckon you should recognize we inject the connection //we all want to fit in

so fuck it I'm going off throw me shade or throw me props

give me accolades and plaques if I really need to floss, //this is how rappers act sometimes

you starin' at the boss? your staring at a kid. //this is what critics say sometimes

I know you want to say it but you should have written it //this is why I hate copyright law

but I wrote it though, figment of the over soul,

figure out the formula the baby gets the mother load. //If it works it will be amazing

Ay yo, you want a quote? Then format the float.

I only need two past any decimal. //Haha computers run finance


cause I still rock to this? do we all rock to this? x2


Welcome to this world it's time to get an occupation

and it's true I dropped my school but I still value education //that's true

I didn't make the rules, all I did was rock a body,

hey like I'm just a Coyote fucking three heads of Hecate. //they aren't in the same mythology

Can't you see me up here flying? I'm higher than I've ever been //airplanes

Never did a single thing? you'll live to see regretted. //don't be lazy

It's the oldest state of mind and it's neatly wrapped in cleverness.

I know you'll soon forget it but I'm saying please remember this //it's mere-exposure


cause I still rock to this, do we all rock to this?


What you want to be is not exactly who you are

Everything around you was created in the stars //because your ideas came from media

I had to grow my hair so you don't think I'm Macklemore //he has short hair as of this writing

but you know I'm getting thrifty so I really can't be sore. //fake fur is fun

like the sicker the track, quicker the stack

bigger the pile, thicker the rack, //business choices produce results

this is the jam. This is a scrap //but what if you don't want those results?

locked in a book, struck in a crack

pushed down in the basement.

Could you come back to me clarify that statement? //I could but I won't

seems I need to preform some maintenance. //Working Joe jobs

Gears are slippin' out of place and I can't seem to stop this whining. //It seems fruitless

All these people grinding. Clock is winding //people keep having babies

up and any moment getting down is on the table //and sex sure is fun

in the evening find a lantern its the key to any fable like //typical light in the darkness imagery

get silly we all lay back ad we bump K-Willy x8ish