Disposable income

Up until you don't, you always get more time. it's incoming. I'm typing this as I upload files for a dj who will be playing a show with me tomorrow. I've only allotted the time it takes to upload for writing. It kind of bugs me that I haven't kept better track of this. There's just so much to say for everyday and people to see. Also, how can I describe something I don't understand? My life over the past few days has been a whirlwind. From the legendary Retox hostel in Budapest (only for the truly adventurous*), to valentines day in Zagreb (all the romance of Paris, none of the attitude), to a quick night time adventure in Ljubljana, and finally ending up in Venice to see preparations for carnival. Each day is packed with so many memories that I'm sure I've forgotten most of them already. However, I have not yet forgotten Bob, Jacob, Annie, David, the statue, Kate, Copy, SJ, Bryan, Leah, Nick, Moritz the business man, Evan the drummer, Phillip the composer, Rick the driver or his girlfriend Rachel the English teacher. one day I might though. I'm glad I wrote it down while I could. times up.

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J say of the day: every moment can be successful if you have the appropriate goals!

*when I say Retox is only for the truly adventurous, I don't mean they will exclude you if you aren't. They will turn you into one of them and you'll never want to leave.

Just like the movies

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It all started at Werk, that club. I wasn't even supposed to be in Vienna. The only reason I was there was because I couldn't go straight to Budapest. I got there with 10 euros to my name and instead of finding a place to sleep I decided to go to an all night club. An all night club with hardly anyone in it. An all night club that for some reason was letting me sell my hats. People would come and go, to and fro, some talking to me, others gawking at me, most just ignoring me. They were beautiful though. Each one was a wound up little mess, slurring their second hand English and bumping into each other as the combinations of MDMA and alcohol coursed through their veins. Also, each one I talked to was smarter than me. They knew several languages, studied engineering and medicine, traveled for business, and had places to sleep. I found myself most intrigued by a woman in marketing. She had at least ten friends in the club and instead of partying with them, she talked to me. Not only that, she kept talking to me. She listened to my tale of how I came to stay in Vienna and offered me a room for the night. I don't even think she said goodbye to her friends.

I had been in a situation once like this before. Once, after a Vance Joy show, a woman invited me to hang out with her friends. She kept offering more drinks and weed as the group whittled down to the two of us. We somehow got to her room and she climbed on top of me and went in for a kiss. Great right? not great. I had a girlfriend at the time and cheating sucks. Let me tell you why cheating sucks. It's like that part in 1984 where the rats are about to gnaw into the protagonists face and he shouts "DO IT TO JULIA!" or something along those lines. That's what cheating is. Your fear of loneliness and rejection gets the best of you and you put it on your significant other. I have no problem with poly amorous relationships. Hell, I was in one for a couple of weeks and it was sweet! try it! However, cheating implies dishonesty. No one likes being told lies by ones they love. You feel that rejection when you hear it. Their words say "I love you" and their actions finish the thought with "but not enough to be honest". some one else's rats gnawing at your face.

I thought I might've been back in that position and didn't care. I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep. Just like Winston Smith, I had been defeated. Luckily, she was just really nice. Nothing happened. Nothing was ever going to happen. I wondered, and still wonder, If it matters. If you're willing to betray the ones you love, what does it matter if you do? Isn't it just a matter of time before the opportunity presents itself and you break? The deed is already done, it just hasn't happened yet. That's the bitch of potential. A hammer can drive nails or crush skulls with similar ease.

The next day was something out of a Richard Linklater film. She nursed a wicked hangover while I cleaned and made myself breakfast. It was her flatmate's birthday party the night before and they had thrashed their living quarters. They loved South Park. We probably talked for an hour about all our favorite episodes. When my new friend arose from her subdued state, it was hard to keep composure. Her hair fell to the side in slightly matted tangles and she wore a yellow knit sweater with slightly ripped leggings. The whole image made me think she had a team of stylists and wardrobe designers going for the perfect look of "European girl waking up in the morning." This wasn't a movie though. It actually was a European girl waking up in the morning, the way they do, looking as she did. We walked through the streets of Vienna, past crowded flea markets and malls. We laughed at the rich people wearing murder around their necks. We dipped in and out of cafes and discussed matters of age, love, and beauty. It turns out, she wasn't supposed to be there either. She had cut a business trip short and forgone a week in Sri Lanka for the comfort of her bed. Two Strangers in the wrong places at the right time. Just like the movies. I wasn't tired anymore. It was time to carry on with the journey.

On the way to the bus station, I ran into a man by the name of Tweezystow selling his hip hop records. We spat 8's and 16's till long after I should have walked to the bus. If Vienna's subway system wasn't as good as it is, I'd probably still be there. I made it in the knick of time. Just like the movies.

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J say of the day: exhaustion can fuck up your descision making just as well as any drug.

Human statues take smoke breaks

Waking up in a hostel bed is equal parts pleasant and stressful when you're broke. On one hand, you're well rested. On the other, you know they're gonna kick you out into the cold. Once I was back in the cold, I met a nice drug dealer named Dave who showed me where to get some cheap deodorant. I really wish I could've bought some weed off him. Alas, I needed food and a bed, so I set to work next to a golden human statue that stood between Dave and I. While I waited to make a sale, (that never happened) I made Dave a hat and watched as the human statue would stand still and occasionally take a smoke break. It's strange that street performing and drug dealing are actual professions. Sometimes they're on the wrong side of the law and that just makes them better at what they do. Dave used to be a hair stylist before a brain injury gave him hand spasms. I forget if it was a judge or his boss that told him he was a danger with scissors. One way or another the easiest thing for him to do was sell drugs. He could get arrested. Any day now, his already hard life could get harder. That sucks. He's a good guy and if I had the money, I would've loved to buy some weed.

I wasn't very good at what I was doing. the hat I made for Dave didn't even fit him. I ended up giving him the hat I had been wearing for some months. He wore it immediately though and that made me smile. it's amazing how far you can go with just a little bit of encouragement. A lady showed me her yarn work and told me I made her day. Others would come up and take pictures with me and the human statue. We both got lots of thumbs up. I sold no hats. On one of his smoke breaks, the human statue came up to me and said "These crowds today... not so good." It was understandable. Who wants to take their hands out of their pocket when its cold out? Finally, a kebab store owner hollered at me and said he'd buy one. He lied. His doner tasted like shit. fuck that guy. I moved because of him and after two hours in my new location I hat sold.... one hat. the exchange only came out to 7 euros. I was two hats down and only had 7 euro to show for it. I decided to visit Dave and the statue. When I got there they had been replaced with three silvery imitations of my golden friend. That was it. I love Prague. The city is amazing. The sites, the smells, the people, all filled me with joy. All except for that kebab guy. Seriously! who tells a homeless guy you'll buy a hat and then double back on that like you weren't yelling across the street? Even his employees were calling him out on it. Whatever. When he turns 57, he'll have his appendix burst going down a flight of stares and the woman coming up in the opposite direction will recoil in fear instead of catching him. He won't die. She won't call an ambulance. That's just life.

A man was blowing bubbles along the route to the train station and little kids ran around and popped them as they floated about. The smile it put on my face lasted long into the bus ride. Four hours later, I made it to Vienna. Keeping in track with the way this trip is going, the cafe I thought would bring me salvation was full of people with whom I had no place being. I took some advice my mom gave me and tried to find a hostel. Instead, I found a complex of underground clubs that let me in for half price on account of my jacket and my tale. I only had 10 euro on me and the club was open till the morning so it was to be my shelter for the night. I talked them into letting me sell my hats and sold.... none of them. The club owner took two as payment for the opportunity to sell them. The only money I made was selling a crocheted condom to a couple of jokers. Two more hats gone and now only 5 euro to show for it. I'm getting worse at this. The upside is passion breeds curiosity. After talking to several excuses for why people who love my hats don't want them, one offered me a place to stay. They haven't kicked me out yet either. In fact, we're about to go for a walk around Vienna.

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J say of the day: People love a courteous house guest. If you leave places cleaner than you found them you'll always have a place to stay. Keep in mind the streets are a place.

Can I hold a Quarter?

    There's a lot that can happen in a short while! I recommend walking around any city in which you find yourself. My second day of Munich started off in a small Egyptian restaurant that seemed to be out of everything except koshari. It's cool if you don't know what that is. We had no idea till they plopped it down in front of us. I still don't know what's exactly in it. It's like cereal for people who don't like sugar for breakfast. It consisted of noodles, some type of tomato sauce, garbanzo beans, and fried onion flakes. Top it all off with pepper and hot sauce and BAM! You've got a meal that'll last you all day. You need meals like that if you're going to drift the way I have been.

    From there we walked around the city, stopping in toy shops or cafes when we got cold. We were just killing time because we were going to see Lalaland and it didn't start till late in the afternoon. Let me tell you something about German theaters. If you want to see a movie in English look for the letters "ov" next to the title. The first multiplex had one of those fully immersive theaters which was all at once mind blowing and useless because the movie was in German. On our way to the second theater, (which was right across the street from where we saw Griz) My friend Nicole spotted something in the river. It turned out to be a brand new snowboard. With no time to lose, we chased it down the river and hung off ladders to get it. I hope Nicole shreds some gnarly powder on it. After Lalaland (which is amazing! go see it!) My friends went back to Garmisch and I was left alone with 30 euros and invalid bus vouchers. It was time to find a place to sleep.

   I found a hostel with some open beds after being turned down by 5 or 6 hostels. The Smart stay hostel is a fine place to stay. Apparently, some sort of skating convention was in Munich so I ended up staying with The Founder of Bangfish trucks and the owner of Carving Social Club. We Stayed up late talking about getting started in business, the thrill of adventure, and the wonders of love. The next day I woke up late for check out. to my surprise. they were totally cool about it.

    Here's where things started to get dicey. I had some hats to sell so I looked up consignment stores in Munich, hoping that one would buy my hats. On the way, I made some hats in a church, picked up litter, ate some Thai food, and gave euro coins to the homeless. The consignment store I found was called Secret Sale and wasn't interested. That place is boujee as fuck. It was certainly no place for a drifter in a firefighter's coat. With that option gone and only two hours to get to the bus station, I headed off. Now I really needed to sell some fucking hats. I had literally no money (that I knew of) and didn't even have a sharpie to make signs for my hats. I started asking the homeless people if they had markers because they made signs and the signs have ink on them. If someone's going to have a sharpie for making a bum sign, it's a bum. Not one had a marker. The homeless fill me with such an odd range of emotions. WHY ARE THEY JUST SITTING THERE!? how can they be so calm? they'll shoo you away if you talk to them for too long and they do nothing! most of the ones I met weren't even from Germany. One lady from Hungry didn't speak German or English and she looked as old as the street she sat on. What's her story? I don't know. She couldn't tell me if she wanted to and she didn't want to. She just wanted to sit there in peace, being useless. Why the hell didn't she have the marker that made her sign? Who knows? What I know now is you need a permit to sell stuff on the streets of Munich. The polizei were more than happy to inform me of this. So with no money, I hopped a bus to Prague where I'm typing this now. That's a whole other Oprah and checkout is in 15 minutes so I'm going to get going.

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