Can I hold a Quarter?

    There's a lot that can happen in a short while! I recommend walking around any city in which you find yourself. My second day of Munich started off in a small Egyptian restaurant that seemed to be out of everything except koshari. It's cool if you don't know what that is. We had no idea till they plopped it down in front of us. I still don't know what's exactly in it. It's like cereal for people who don't like sugar for breakfast. It consisted of noodles, some type of tomato sauce, garbanzo beans, and fried onion flakes. Top it all off with pepper and hot sauce and BAM! You've got a meal that'll last you all day. You need meals like that if you're going to drift the way I have been.

    From there we walked around the city, stopping in toy shops or cafes when we got cold. We were just killing time because we were going to see Lalaland and it didn't start till late in the afternoon. Let me tell you something about German theaters. If you want to see a movie in English look for the letters "ov" next to the title. The first multiplex had one of those fully immersive theaters which was all at once mind blowing and useless because the movie was in German. On our way to the second theater, (which was right across the street from where we saw Griz) My friend Nicole spotted something in the river. It turned out to be a brand new snowboard. With no time to lose, we chased it down the river and hung off ladders to get it. I hope Nicole shreds some gnarly powder on it. After Lalaland (which is amazing! go see it!) My friends went back to Garmisch and I was left alone with 30 euros and invalid bus vouchers. It was time to find a place to sleep.

   I found a hostel with some open beds after being turned down by 5 or 6 hostels. The Smart stay hostel is a fine place to stay. Apparently, some sort of skating convention was in Munich so I ended up staying with The Founder of Bangfish trucks and the owner of Carving Social Club. We Stayed up late talking about getting started in business, the thrill of adventure, and the wonders of love. The next day I woke up late for check out. to my surprise. they were totally cool about it.

    Here's where things started to get dicey. I had some hats to sell so I looked up consignment stores in Munich, hoping that one would buy my hats. On the way, I made some hats in a church, picked up litter, ate some Thai food, and gave euro coins to the homeless. The consignment store I found was called Secret Sale and wasn't interested. That place is boujee as fuck. It was certainly no place for a drifter in a firefighter's coat. With that option gone and only two hours to get to the bus station, I headed off. Now I really needed to sell some fucking hats. I had literally no money (that I knew of) and didn't even have a sharpie to make signs for my hats. I started asking the homeless people if they had markers because they made signs and the signs have ink on them. If someone's going to have a sharpie for making a bum sign, it's a bum. Not one had a marker. The homeless fill me with such an odd range of emotions. WHY ARE THEY JUST SITTING THERE!? how can they be so calm? they'll shoo you away if you talk to them for too long and they do nothing! most of the ones I met weren't even from Germany. One lady from Hungry didn't speak German or English and she looked as old as the street she sat on. What's her story? I don't know. She couldn't tell me if she wanted to and she didn't want to. She just wanted to sit there in peace, being useless. Why the hell didn't she have the marker that made her sign? Who knows? What I know now is you need a permit to sell stuff on the streets of Munich. The polizei were more than happy to inform me of this. So with no money, I hopped a bus to Prague where I'm typing this now. That's a whole other Oprah and checkout is in 15 minutes so I'm going to get going.

Thank you for reading,


J say of the day: The world will always need more genuine, nice people. You can always be one.