Disposable income

Up until you don't, you always get more time. it's incoming. I'm typing this as I upload files for a dj who will be playing a show with me tomorrow. I've only allotted the time it takes to upload for writing. It kind of bugs me that I haven't kept better track of this. There's just so much to say for everyday and people to see. Also, how can I describe something I don't understand? My life over the past few days has been a whirlwind. From the legendary Retox hostel in Budapest (only for the truly adventurous*), to valentines day in Zagreb (all the romance of Paris, none of the attitude), to a quick night time adventure in Ljubljana, and finally ending up in Venice to see preparations for carnival. Each day is packed with so many memories that I'm sure I've forgotten most of them already. However, I have not yet forgotten Bob, Jacob, Annie, David, the statue, Kate, Copy, SJ, Bryan, Leah, Nick, Moritz the business man, Evan the drummer, Phillip the composer, Rick the driver or his girlfriend Rachel the English teacher. one day I might though. I'm glad I wrote it down while I could. times up.

as always thanks for reading,


J say of the day: every moment can be successful if you have the appropriate goals!

*when I say Retox is only for the truly adventurous, I don't mean they will exclude you if you aren't. They will turn you into one of them and you'll never want to leave.