Smoke em if you got em

The Journey is over. I've slept for about 28 of the last 36 hours. It was wonderful. Now, it's time for new adventures and challenges. Living on the streets was fun and now it's time to learn what's great about clean and sober living.

I've done this one before. Lent. I'm trying to be super positive about this because its a whole hell of a lot easier if you remind yourself that it's a choice you made. If you think something is forcing you to do it, then giving into cravings seems like the choice you really want to make. That's not the choice you want to make though. If you're depriving yourself of something than realize you want the life without it and invest in it. Another thing people say is that you've got to fill some void in your life. Why not instead realize you want that void too!! Think about how stressed you were and now you have one less thing to worry about! Now the other stuff you need to figure out has more time to be figured out! woo

So here's the plan. Starting tomorrow, February 20th, I will give up all "drugs" as defined by something I imbibe or inhale to change my mental state. More specifically, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, hallucinogens, any form of speed (with the exception of sugar and caffine), mdma, dxm, and cough syrup (used over the allotted dosage). I'll do this until my birthday on April 2nd and then decide whether or not it ever mattered.

Also, I really want to talk at this church. I'm going to make them bracelets and such and spread this super positive message. It's gonna be great!

as always thanks for reading,


J say of the day: care about what your sharing!