Big Plans for One Man

Dear you reading this,

What a life this is turning out to be! You get slapped with some destiny and then suddenly everything is all Topsy Turvy. Did you know you can't donate platelets for cash if your a male who's had sex with another male? I sure didn't. I don't know if CSL Plasma put my name on a differed registry. If they did at least they were nice about it.

Speaking of nice people! After being turned down at the plasma place, Bryan at Southwest Smokeless Tucson was kind enough to take some time out of his day and listen to me. He showed me how how important his customers are and I want to help him in any way I can. They mix on site so they have a wide selection of custom made flavors in any nicotine dosage and they give you discounts if you get refills instead of new bottles. I always have a tough time finding it, so just so you know, its at the corner of 4th and University.

Honesty is going to close a lot of doors in your face but it's never going to be because you were honest. You might give too much information or you may not have enough. Luckily, If you've given too much information that means you can observe what offended whom you're speaking with and ask questions about why. If you don't have enough information you can come back with more. If someone decides you're a liar you're always suspicious. They may never talk to you again.

Pretty much all I do is talk to people now. It's strange how people react. Some people want to talk and others don't. Regardless what happens I never know fully what to expect.

as always, thank you for reading,


J Say of the Day: try jumping out of your comfort zone and into someone else's