Be Part of The Brand New Sensation That’s Sweeping The Nation and Win Fabulous Prizes


The contest is simple!

Step 1: Film yourself or your band covering any of the songs on the “Still Keep Moving” video playlist. Click anywhere on this step to go there.

Step 2: Post your Video on youtube and put “[K-Wullums Cover]” in the title

Step 3: Decide what kind of prize you’re after

  • First 100 videos to get 100 views : You win a hand crocheted 4” rainbow coaster! limit 5 per band

  • First 50 videos to get 1,000 views: You win a hand crocheted hat!! limit 3 per band

  • First 10 videos to get 10,000 views: You win the mystery prize!!! limit 1 per band

  • First 3 videos to get 100,000 views: You win a hand crocheted robe!!! limit 1 per band

  • {Grand Prize}First video to get 1,000,000 views: You win a hand crocheted wullums logo blanket and the hearts and minds of the world.

Step 4: let those views roll in!

Step 5: Claim your prize by emailing with the subject line “Song contest entry.” include what prize you would like and a link to your video with the appropriate view count. Each video can only be entered once in the contest. If you cash out and more views roll in, you’ll have to make another video to be eligible for more prizes. Once we verify you own the channel, send us your address and we’ll send you the prize!!

Step 6: be compfy, be cozy, and enjoy your hard earned prizes and fame!



Grand prize:

[Maybe you!!]

Robe Winners

1.[Also could be you]

2.[You Really want to win two robes? wow I applaud your drive]

3.[You know what? Chill, let someone else win this one]

Mystery Prize Winners

1.[Talented musicians]

2.[People who like suspense]

3.[Intriguing individuals]

4.[Yes… it might also be…]


6.[A fan of that joke who decided to win based on how funny they thought that was]

7.[Someone trying to win out of spite because they don’t appreciate the realness]

8.[someone doing it because their friend did it and likes their friend]

9.[someone trying to find themselves in song]

10.[someone trying to impress their date]

hat winners

[announced as received]

Coaster Winners

[announced as received]