Keeping Pace

Dear you, Reading this,

Keeping any sort of schedule is incredibly hard. I have so much going on at any point and time. Right now I'm working on two crochet projects, booking a tour, Working 50ish hours a week scooping ice cream, editing videos, writing rhymes, planning for next years album, Dating, trying to hang out with friends, and learn a few skills. I can't remember the last time I dedicated a chunk of time to exercise. That's exactly how I want it to be.

I always have something to go to. It still bums me out when things don't get completed but I still have a lot of things completed so that's good. This blog comes out about twice a month so far. I really don't have much to say in this one. I haven't formulated any grand... oh wait actually I have something to say.

Life as science! This might actually turn into a page of it's own.


Hopefully this experiment will offer some insight into the complexities and the limitations of homo sapiens.


I hypothesize that none of this exists. This laptop I'm typing on, the hands typing it, the mind making the hands type. none of exists.


If this is true that would mean that no one could find record of this happening. Any explanation would be created and just as valid as any other based on the evidence we could find for the explanation. It could change at random with no one remembering the difference. If it exists you would be able to give me a sufficient reason to believe it exists other than me agreeing with you.

This might be harder than I thought

as always, thank you for reading,


J say of the day: I love it when we cum together.